Corporate - '16th Annual AMP Scholarship Awards'
‘Since 1998 AMP have been helping Kiwis do great things! With more than $1.5 million awarded across the country, over 130 Kiwis (and counting) have been able to do outstanding things! For the third year in a row, Nixon Pictures provided filming services to teel each finalist's story. Our client was Borderless productions.
Director of photography, camera operator. Based in Auckland, New Zealand. From concept planning to filming to final output. Over 10 years experience.
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2001 - Best Documentary
2001 - Best Script
2005 - AVA Silver medal
Documentary making is our passion. Be it a personal ambition or part of someone else's desire to tell the world their story - we will listen, shoot and give it all the attention it deserves.         
                                                                                                                                         Bruce Nixon
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With 17 years experience of the entire process needed to make good television, Bruce Nixon is able to offer a great deal as Director of Photography. He is a self-directed shooter if required, who can confidently approach the talent or authorities on the directors behalf whether filming with a crew in New Zealand or going solo anywhere in the world. Among the qualifications of a good cameraman, serious application is of first importance. To discuss your project contact Bruce or phone +64 21 2704327

Bruce Nixon
Corporate - 'NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards'
Celebrating 10 years of the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards are the pre-eminent and longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand. They celebrate the contribution businesses and individuals are making to transforming New Zealand to a model sustainable nation. By the way - the 2013 awards are now open for entry and entry is free! Nixon Pictures client was Borderless Productions. To watch the video click here.
TV Broadcast - ' Channel 7, Sunrise'
‘Anybody and everybody were in Wellington for the premier of The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey and James Tobin of Channel 7's Sunrise program was on the red carpet complete with 'Hobbit ears' interviewing the stars. Nixon Pictures filmed the event for NZ-based client Kordia.
Theatrical Documentary - 'Words of War - The Peter Arnett Story'
In development is a film that tells the story of Pulitzer-winning kiwi-born war correspondent Peter Arnett, as he takes us back to the killing fields that were his office for 35 years where he lived the biggest news stories of the day, wielding a pen and camera that rattled windows all the way to the White House. We are raising funds right now to get to China with our crew.
James Tobin with Sir Peter Jackson
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Corporate - 'Ministry of Economic Development'
The It's not OK campaign is a community-driven effort to reduce family violence in New Zealand. Its goal is to change attitudes and behaviour that tolerate any kind of family violence. The vision is a community where each person believes there is something they can do to help and is likely to act when they know violence is happening. The Paeroa community is a perfect and very successful example of how this campaign can work and in January 2013, Nixon Pictures filmed a promotional video for client Borderless Productions.
Bruce just returned from the Chatham Islands, 680kms southeast of New Zealand where he filmed new episodes for 'Gone Fishin'.
Corporate 'Shadow A Leader'
On 10 July 2013, Shadow a Leader, matched 52 business leaders, 52 AUT Faculty of Business and Law students and 52 secondary school students from 30 schools across Auckland into teams of three, so that students could each “shadow” a business leader for a day. The aim of Shadow a Leader is to give to Auckland secondary school students and AUT Faculty of Business and Law students the opportunity to follow a business leader for a day and to understand what it takes to succeed in the leader’s field of endeavour. Nixon Pictures client was Borderless Productions. To watch the video click here.